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Extreme Network’s Deal Registration tool can be accessed via the ExtremePortal:

Visit – then click “Partners” – “Deal Registration”.

If you have logged into the Extranet/PartnerNet portal between July 2015 and July 2016, you have been set up already with an account for the New ExtremePortal and you can just reset your account by clicking the Reset/Forgot password link using the email address associated with your existing Extranet/PartnerNet account. Your new password for the NEW ExtremePortal will come from

Please note that your current Extranet/PartnerNet password will remain as it is and will not be reset.

In case you do not receive the Extreme Portal password reset notification, please contact

For more details about the Extreme Portal please review the Extreme Portal Transition page and the Options for Extreme Portal Feedback knowledge article.

Should you have any questions regarding submitting a deal registration, please reach out to Liz Holcomb at